Bill Rodgers finishing the Ashland Half Marathon 2012. Photo courtesy Brendan Kearney of RaceMenu.
Thanks to all the runners, walkers, volunteers, and sponsors - today was a great day in Ashland!

Many pictures, stories, and more fun to come - but here's what you are looking for - this year's times!

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We would like to communicate that there is no change to the Connect Community Church Sunday services. The times are still 9:30 and 11:15.  All church traffic will be allowed to go to and from church on Sunday even though the road is closed to traffic.

Roy A. Melnick

Operations Director

Connect Community Church

Now superstar street artist and Ashland resident Jack Leduc has agreed to bring those special skills and thrills to bear at Marathon Park when he creates the starting line for the upcoming Sunday, Oct. 28 Ashland Half-Marathon & 5K! Jack has designed & painted the start line of Boston for the last 31 years in Hopkinton. Find out more here.
Our race was featured on CoolRunning, giving some good background information about the event and the history behind the course & the connection to the Boston Marathon. To read the entire article, click here.
Civic and business leaders for the Town of Ashland have joined forces and are determined to put on a good show for the inaugural Ashland Half-Marathon & 5K seven weeks from today on Sunday, Oct. 28. For details concerning Friday's first joint planning meeting for the event, please go to http://bit.ly/AHMgroup

Brenda Heller, the daughter of Ashland High boys and girls track and field coach Louis Mancini (and also the artist who carved the new sign marking Marathon Park), will take on a key post in the volunteer effort, recruiting and organizing the overall volunteer group prior to race day when she'll toe the line to compete in the half-marathon portion of the event. Anyone interested in joining this race-day volunteer group should contact Heller here.

Road running champ Bill Rodgers has raced all over the world, from Boston to Beijing, over a variety of courses, surfaces and distances.
Long a student of distance running and how a course's conditions and its grades may affect a runner's performance, Rodgers is considered a connoisseur of the challenges road racing offers.
Rodgers recently toured the Ashland Half-Marathon 13.1-mile course and afterward was asked for his observations on the route chosen for the Sunday, Oct. 28 event and he didn't disappoint, comparing the Ashland course's challenges to those of Athens, Greece's ancient marathon path and its aesthetics to Falmouth's famous 10K route on Cape Cod. 
"I like what Ashland has chosen for a course. It has hills and grades," he said. It's not totally flat and it changes. You have some parts in town and then you go off into the countryside." READ MORE

Bill Rodgers and Scott Douglas wrote "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Running." It includes a lot of great information about training for races of all distances - and even contains a training schedule for the half-marathon. 

Bill Rodgers will be running the Ashland Half Marathon in Ashland, MA on October 28th. In preparation for sharing the same course on race day with Bill, why not use his tips?

This ten-week schedule will get you up to speed and ready to tackle 13.1 miles. What are you waiting for? Check out the plan for FREE & get started!

We just opened registration for the 5K, which is at the early bird discount for $15 through September 4th. Get on it!

By popular demand a 5-kilometer, or 3.125 mile, race has been added to the inaugural Ashland Half-Marathon event to be staged on Sunday, Oct. 28 at Marathon Park.

The Ashland Redevelopment Authority unanimously voted, 5-0, at Tuesday's meeting to allow another race at the shorter distance to be added to the event.
"Many in the Ashland community wanted to participate but wanted a shorter race too," said Ashland Redevelopment Authority Chairman Steve Greenberg Wednesday. "With so many requests and considering the strong recommendations of Race Director JJ Larner and our special guest, Bill Rodgers, that a 5K race be included, the board agreed Tuesday night to the addition."

While the 5K course remains to be finalized between town officials and Squanto Productions, the race organizers, tentative plans call for the 5K racers to cross the starting line alongside the half-marathon competitors but to be shifted onto the shorter course at one point as the race progresses before swinging backing to finish at Marathon Park.
"The 5K is a great addition to the day's festivities. We very much appreciate how the town is embracing the event," said Squanto's Larner Wednesday. "A 5K is a great distance for those of us not up for the rigors of a half-marathon and gives friends of the half-marathon runners a chance to lace 'em up and get a quick run in while they're waiting for a buddy to finish the Half. It's a great addition."

When contacted Wednesday, Rodgers said he was very excited about the 5K, an addition he had been championing.
"It fantastic," Rodgers said. "It opens up another opportunity for all runners, beginners too, to race where marathons and running in general first began in 1897 at Ashland."

"It's great in the terms of health and fitness for everyone," Rodgers continued. "I started out myself at the age of 15 at the 5K distance. There should be no closed doors in running. This is a real plus for beginners. Not everyone is cut out for the half-marathon distance."

Rodgers said he is a big believer in involving the whole community in an endeavor like the Ashland Half-Marathon event.

"Everyone in Ashland, the surrounding area or even the region should come to town and enjoy the race, whether they run the half-marathon, run or walk the 5K distance, volunteer to help out during the race, hand out water or just cheer on the runners." Rodgers said. "It's an unique opportunity for everyone to celebrate the sport in this historical place."

There are many other exciting details concerning race weekend now being finalized. If you have any questions or wish to schedule interviews with Bill Rodgers leading up to the Ashland Half-Marathon, please direct your e-mails to ashlandhalfmarathon@gmail.com

We're very happy to announce a great addition to the Ashland Half Marathon field. Distance-running legend Bill Rodgers has signed up to toe the line!

Join Bill to run in the footsteps of Boston's marathon pioneers. The race begins and ends at the original starting line of Boston's marathon at Ashland's Marathon Park, the cradle of what is now one of the world's most popular participatory sports.

We'll continue to publish updates as more exciting news rolls in.

There's more exciting details to follow about race weekend but you can register today at http://bit.ly/RunAshland or view the course map at http://bit.ly/AshlandCourse